Patient Testimonials

Our patients talk about their experience.

I first heard about Dr. Hooper when I asked my son's orthodontist for a dentist recommendation. He said Dr. Hooper was his own dentist and that was enough for me. My son and I started going to her and my husband, as well as some friends, soon followed. Everyone I know who goes to her says the same thing: they have ultimate trust in her, she explains everything, and she has a wonderful calmness about her. She is great with kids and knows just how to talk to them. The entire office is filled with people who seem happy to be working there. I won't say I look forward to going to the dentist but I will say that going to the office of Dr. Hooper is always painless and quite pleasant.

Gina K.

Like most people I hated going to the dentist and always had painful experiences, until I met Dr. Hooper. I've been coming to her for over 10 years and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Her attention to detail and gentle touch is always appreciated. When I find something great in life I want to share it with friends and family. That's why, I'm proud to say I carry her business cards in my wallet. I tell everyone I can. My friends actually thank ME for their good experience with Dr. Hooper.

Kristina M.

Doctors' Hooper and Newman are exceptionally well trained dentists who not only know the latest technologies in dentistry and pain management, but who have outstanding personalities too! We've had crown work and complicated fillings done this past year without any pain. The staff is very professional and friendly. These are dedicated doctors who practice dentistry the best way, putting the patient first. We're happy our family has found these terrific ladies.

Joan Z.

Dr. Hooper has been my dentist for over a decade now, and she is without question the finest out of the many dentist whose services I've used in the past. She was not my first dentist, but I hope she will be my last! Efficient, competent, and highly-skilled, Dr. Hooper brings a friendly sense of humor to her work which, if there can be such a thing, often makes my dental appointments more 'fun' than they might otherwise be. She is the consummate people-oriented professional in that while she does not take herself seriously, she takes her work dead seriously, and I have numerous examples of it in my mouth to prove it!

Gil M.

Finding a dentist is like trying to find a good mechanic. It took me about 8 years to find Premiere Dental Group, but I can finally say I found my favorite dental group! They are great and I'ld recommend them to anyone.